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wichita, kansas.
20 September 2020 @ 06:23 pm

How's My Driving?!
Love Wichita, hate her? Please let me know. Only concrit though - any blatant wank will just be ignored and deleted because that's lame. I love feedback though, so if you got anything for me, post it here. Yeeeeaaahh. :) Thanks.
Also! I'll just make this my IC/OOC contact post too, so I'm not flooding anyone's flist. If you want to start a verse or just get in touch with me for anything, here's a good place as any to do it. :) I'd say it's Wichita's voicemail too, but I can't see her even having a cellphone, let alone giving her number to anyone.
wichita, kansas.
12 December 2018 @ 12:25 am


( for polychromatic & theoregontrail,
and any verses.
please specify. )

wichita, kansas.
11 December 2011 @ 06:28 pm
[Wichita is wandering around the city, because of reasons. She's learning her way around the city, trying to catch the vibe of it, as much as she can anyway. Because all cities have a vibe, she's learned this much from roadtripping most of her life, and it usually just takes a bit of exploring to get into said vibe and adapt to it. This city? It keeps changing. There are too many people from too many different walks of life, and no, it's not like New York City, no big mixing pot action, it's just a clusterfuck of timelines and dialects and personalities and swaggers.

Which is interesting, but it makes it nearly impossible to just blend in and go unnoticed, which is her usually M.O. Sliding in and out of a city is easier when you're just like everyone else.

Not that it seems like she'll be leaving anytime soon.

... Which just makes the feeling worse.

Her comm clicks on after a while, and she punches in a quick text from outside a store she just slid out of with a new pair of sunglasses. Oh, five-finger discount. You're so good at making Wichita feel way cool.

so what's the policy on gun distribution in this city? anyone know?

[Wichita's just gonna hang around outside for now, not quite out of sight, but not in anyone's way, either. Just being all fake mysterious in her leather jacket and new shades, with her bangs covering up past her eyebrows anyway. Totally kissable approachable, this one.]
wichita, kansas.
05 November 2011 @ 08:07 pm
[This video is brought to you by: Wichita suddenly waking up on a random carousel after falling asleep in Bill Murray's mansion. She looks freaked out, and annoyed, and yes of course she's riding on one of the horses that just spins around and around on the giant thing, but only because she wants to get a look around and she's not sure her legs will cooperate right now. Not that she'd admit to being that freaked out.

She clears her throat and tries to look completely calm, because she doesn't realize this is a live feed, and thus doesn't realize that she won't be able to go back and edit out the part where she was looking around like she could not have been more confused. Just don't watch the background, what with everything spinning around, cause you might get sick.

Well, this is cute. I don't know what Bill Murray puts in his weed but I sure as hell never had a dream this vivid before. [spoiler: she's about 90% sure this isn't a dream, but she can't explain it, so.]

I don't know who can hear this, but my audience better include Little Rock, or Columbus. No, Tal, I do not give a crap if you get this, because I'm sure if you're here too you're getting a huge kick out of it anyway. Goon.

But yeah, whatever, I'm just gonna hang here until I get a clue of what's going on.

You do the same, Little Rock. Contact me on this ..thing, then I'll come to you. My gun's gone, but these people don't look infected anyway. I guess. What's that about?

Is anyone even hearing this -- hello? How do I play this back-- ugh, cellphones...
wichita, kansas.
07 August 2011 @ 10:03 pm
Oh, you don't even wanna know.
wichita, kansas.
04 August 2011 @ 11:01 pm
wichita, kansas.
15 June 2011 @ 01:44 am