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zombiefree's Journal

wichita, kansas.

Name: Krysta Wichita
Age: 24
"Real" Name*: Judith Ridley
Room Number*: F13
Occupation: Surviving the zombie apocalypse and conning whoever she has to in order to do it.
Personality: Brash, sarcastic, tough, confident, badass. No time for bullshit, and if you cross her sister in anyway she will most likely kick your ass.

Wichita: I can't believe I almost kissed him. What's our rule?
Little Rock:Trust no one, just you and me.
Wichita:Just you and me. Yeah. You and me.

Little Rock: So do you think it's true?
Wichita: Is what true?
Little Rock: You know, about Pacific Playland?
Wichita: Totally zombie-free. Only place west of Waco.
Mun/Muse = 18+. Not Wichita, not Emma Stone, not making any $$, and I'm totally up for starting any kind of verses ever. Pre-movie, before the virus hit? During the movie? The 4 mains can't REALLY be the only uninfected people around, right? Crossovers? I live for crossovers.

Send me a PM or tag one of my entries if you're interested, I'd love to start a verse!
* damned info.